What happens when you order a new website on Netinspire.dk?

What follows is a description of the process that starts when you order a new website on netinspire.dk. The purpose of the article is to prepare you for what to expect during the process and what you need to do afterwards to maintain your brand-new website.

Are there other fees than the price of the website?

My prices are fixed, which means that I’ll never add additional fees once we’ve agreed on a price. You should, however, be prepared for the two unavoidable expenses that come with running a website:

First of all, you need a domain – an address for your website. The cost differs depending on whether you want a .dk domain (45 kroner a year) or a special domain. You’ll be informed of the exact price when you order your domain. You order your domain when you create a hosting agreement.

Hosting is another thing you won’t be able to avoid. Your website has to “live” somewhere and that’s what you call hosting. Some of the most common hosting services are surftdown.dk and one.com, but there are many more on the market. Have a look at the prices with the provider.

Should you wish to incorporate special programmes or plugins on your website, you should be prepared for possible further expenses. For example, if you want mailchimp to send out your newsletters, you’ll have to create an account with them. There’s a free model available, but the system works best if you choose a paid subscription, which costs 65 kroner a month and up.

I will always notify you ahead of time if there are any costs related to plugins or programmes you’ve selected, so you have the option to deselect them or choose a free alternative if you don’t want to pay.


Confirming the contract

Once we’ve reached an agreement about how you want your netinspire.dk website to look, you’ll receive an offer for the solution you want created. This offer will outline everything we’ve agreed that the website should include, as well as the cost of the project. Once you’ve accepted this offer, we’ll send you an order confirmation, at which point the contract is binding.


Working with the website

At this point, our work begins. Once we have a design proposal, you’ll receive what we call a First Look. You’re welcome to request changes, edits, and suggestions for changes to the design. We send an invoice for the agreed amount along with your First Look.

Unless otherwise is agreed upon, we run 2 edits: One for the design and one for the texts.


Delivering the website

Once we’ve agreed on the look, we finish up the rest of your website and deliver it to you. When we declare the website finished, you’ll receive a video guide showing you how to post new content on the website in the future. Should you have any specific requests as far as the guide goes, such as how to work with galleries and changes on the front page, we’re happy to tailor our videos at no further cost.


After delivery

In the first fourteen days following delivery, you’re free to contact us with request for minor changes, edits to text/photos, and questions regarding website usage, etc. Our contract ends fourteen days after delivery, meaning that netinspire.dk ceases to be responsible for the running of your website. From this point onwards, it’s your own responsibility to update plugins and installations and so on, unless otherwise established by prior agreement.


Remember to back up your content

Above all else, we strongly recommend that you create a backup of your content, so you have it on your laptop in the form of Word documents. This helps secure you against content loss if anything should happen to your website. We also recommend that you create a backup of the website itself. Hosting providers like surftown offer backup creation for a fee. You’re also welcome to contact us and we’re happy to set up a backup agreement.


Do you need help?

You might have questions regarding website usage while working on your new site. Wemake our websites in WordPress, so a lot of your questions will be answerable by WordPress’ international support forum.

Alternatively, you can ask us to help. For former website costumers, we charge 695 dkr. + tax an hour.